how it started.


From bikinis to bedsheets - we laugh about it all the time. Starting out with ISHINE365, we racked our brains to figure out how to get our brand out there. Focusing on marketing, social media, graphics and other here's and there's. People caught on, we gained notice, and it wasn't before long that the questions came in.

"How do we–? What do we–? How did you–? What do you think–?"

Campaign after campaign, event after event, it wasn't until we were approached with an exciting new opportunity: transforming a hospitality group, giving these properties a lifestyle, a brand, a personality, that we realized - this new venture, this is what we were made for. Now we're taking industries we'd never imagine - from hospitality to beauty, fashion and many other avenues we can't wait to explore.

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Christina [CP] is one of our star owners here at youshine365. CP was born and raised in Miami, but her love for all things travel and culture found her in Italy completing her late education.

As a former elementary school teacher, she found herself with too much time to be spared during her Summers. If you’ve heard of Christina, you know the ideas do not stop.

She is driven and inspired by charitable work, working endlessly to help those in need despite her long hours. She thrives in network building, event planning and making connections and partnerships that will make the most of all parties.

Oh also, this really wouldn’t be a complete Chris bio without mentioning her profound, devoted, will-stop-traffic-to-save-that-iguana, love for animals.

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Hustle’s the motto for this one. Katrina is one of our co-owners and the business strategy and logistics guru over here at youshine365. With her eyes on the prize, Kat set out to finish her degree in Business and Marketing at FSU in 3 years - yes, the party school. We know, impressive.

After working in various industries, she decided it was time to put her career into her own hands, venturing off and teaming up with CP to become the creative entrepreneurs they are today. Despite the hustle, she strives for a well-balanced, simple living, drama-free, easy-going lifestyle - and is a soon-to-be mama! Inspired by all things travel, wellness, and giving back. A chill-go-getter, if you will.

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Gene is our Creative Director – driven by great visuals, killer branding and storytelling through the union of words and images. Since 2013, she’s had her hands in fashion, e-commerce and some other industries: designing user-friendly spaces for shopping on the web, as well as creating engaging content for social, marketing and other branding efforts.

When not creating or organizing content, you’ll find her exploring new artistic mediums, repurposing random objects, speed swiping through social channels, getting excited about the latest design trends or elbows deep in soil because plant lady is the new cat lady.

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A background in Communications and a bubbling personality that you’ll have to see to believe makes Ivanna the head of our Social Media operations. She is a total pro at juggling multiple accounts, creating engaging content and really connecting to the community that makes your brand shine.

Since 2014, Ivanna has grown her very own social media marketing arsenal - with all the tools it takes to put a brand out there. She’s maintained relationships with a network of influencers, and explored everything it takes to reach your audience.

Ivanna liiiiiiiives for fashion and styling, is always on top of the latest trends, and is fueled by her morning iced coffee - which is never without the correct amount of almond milk and exactly three Splendas.

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Recently out of school with a Bachelor’s in Communication, Sabrina is our millennial mind with an eye for sourcing content that will make you never stop scrolling. She is the grid-building, meme-finding, tweet-and-insta-machine with a head full of fresh ideas and a phone full of the coolest apps to spruce things up.

She lives for a sandy beach with crystal blue waters, taking naps, The Jonas Brothers, and most of all - french fries.